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Cardinal Newman is a Catholic Sixth Form which benefits from a rich diversity of religious traditions. Our Core Religious Education (RE) programme is fundamental to the education we seek to provide for all of our students, in educating the whole person. 

'It is education which gives a person a clear, conscious view of their own opinions and judgements, a truth in developing them, an eloquence in expressing them, and a force in urging them’ 

John Henry Newman 

A 50 minute lesson of core RE is compulsory for all students at Cardinal Newman. Our RE programme aims to encourage the formation of the whole person and seeks to be inclusive, challenging and affirming to all, irrespective of faith or perspectives. Through reflection, discussion, simulation games, trips, meditation, music and art, we encourage students to consider and evaluate their own thoughts, beliefs and faith, as well as to understand that those around them may think very differently. For 50 minutes each week students are encouraged to stop and think about issues they may not have considered before, in a safe environment in which their views are heard and valued and without the pressure of coursework or exams.  Every lesson includes a minute of silence for students to reflect on the Gospel, pray or just sit and be still.  


“I think these lessons have been very informative and I think they also help round you as a person” 

“A lot of the lessons we have done have either changed my opinion on things but also opened my eyes to things I didn’t even realise happen as often as they do e.g. human trafficking” 

“The RE lessons have been a time where you can relax and focus on something other than college work, they are also very calming” 

“The lessons are always made to be so enjoyable and well structured. I have been made to feel accepted and comfortable with sharing my opinions in class” 

“Every RE lesson has been incredibly thought provoking and hearing different people’s opinions has definitely altered my mindset about certain things. The teacher being always so enthusiastic really made the lessons much nicer and I looked forward to them each week” 

“My RE lessons on a Friday are always a good way to end the week. It’s something different and interesting” 

“I think the lessons always get me thinking about topics I've considered 'adult talk' and felt I was too young to have opinions on. They allow me to get a better understanding and encourage my curiosity to do more research” 

“Probably one of my favourite lessons because we are all free to express our opinions and are not limited into what we can say and have opinions on. Everyone's thoughts are valued” 

“I liked being able to take the time to think about where I want my life to go after college. It gave me chance to properly reflect on what I’m good at and how I can help people around me” 

“These RE lessons have sort of been like a therapy, I have learnt so much about myself and others”